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Delicious Recipes to Make with Your Kids!

Delicious and easy recipes that will keep the kids busy and their stomachs hungry

Summer Crafts for ALL ages!

Easy, fun, adorable crafts for Summer 

Books Celebrating SUMMER!!!

This website has a wonderful selection of children's books to enjoy this Summer. 

It's Time To Get Outside And Play

It's SUMMER!  Here are some fun activities for outdoor play!

Red, White, and Blue!

These fun crafts will get your kiddos in the patriotic spirit!

Lunch Made Easy

 20 Non-Sandwich School Lunch Ideas for Kids!



Let's face it, we all know that {allergy friendly} and {gluten free} breads can be expensive. We also don't always have time to bake our own. Not only that, what if your kiddos don't even like sandwiches to begin with?!


We need some Non-Sandwich {Easy} School Lunch Box Ideas stat! Don't worry - I got you covered!

Saving Pictures & Projects

I wish my mom did this for me. Use file folders for K-12th grade, to hold memorable school items and showcase that years school photos.

Jobs For Kids by Age

Take Your Family from Frazzled to Focused

Get everyone involved in age-appropriate household tasks. For ideas on how toddlers to teens can make meaningful contributions at home, download this free list:

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