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Policies & Procedures


Our mission is to see each and every child at Starz’ develop to their full potential. We believe that the early years are

vitally important in a young child’s development. Our program was created to help your child develop learning skills at a

pace that supports his/her individual potential. We strive for each child to be happy, healthy, successful and independent.

By providing developmentally appropriate activities as well as enriching daily experiences, we hope to encourage their

naturally curious natures. We believe that is important to keep that sparkle alive and to make learning fun!




All children who attend our program must register in advance. To register your child and to meet local care licensing

requirements, you must provide the following:

 Child Enrollment Registration Information Form

 Child Care Consent Form (including copy of birth certificate)

 Food Program Paperwork

 Emergency Contact Cards

 Authorized Release Person(s)

 State/City Medical Forms (including physician’s report and immunization history)

 Medication Order Form, if applicable

 Infant Feeding Consent Forms, if applicable

 Copy of IEP or IFSP, if applicable


*Additional registration information or materials may be needed to comply with local licensing requirements.




Staff members at Starz’ Academy are our greatest asset. They are professionals who have expertise in caring for young

children and supporting working parents. Our Center Directors hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education, and

teachers have associates or bachelors degrees or equivalent experience in early childhood education. Prior to joining

Starz’, all staff members go through an extensive interview process as well as background and reference checks. Once

hired, all staff members are annually trained with special emphasis placed on safety and security, hygiene, health and

sanitation, first aid, CPR, and life saving procedures.




All information pertaining to the admission, health, family or discharge of a child is confidential. Starz’ Academy may

release the child’s records to the parents and any other agencies authorized by law.




Providing a safe and secure child care environment is our priority; every effort is being made to keep your child safe,

happy and healthy. Each center has a set of safety and security procedures and standards that we enforce, these include

but are not limited to:


Secure lobby and classrooms. Each center is equipped with an electronic lock. Families must know the code to

enter, while all visitors are greeted at the door to sign in and be assisted.

Visitor precautions include photo identification for all visitors, emergency contacts and authorized persons. A

visitor listed as an authorized person to pick up a child will still be asked to provide photo identification if the

school administration do not know him/her.

Anyone picking up must be of sane mind and body. We will not release children to those who appear to be under

the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Proper transportation must be provided. Car seats and boosters must be in compliance with Indiana State Law.

 Emergency exit plans are posted in every room, in addition to regularly held safety drills.

 All classroom staff are trained in CPR, First Aid and Universal Precautions.

 Equipment safety precautions include the regular monitoring of equipment to ensure it is in working order.




To start your child’s day off right, consider his or her specific needs and what will make your child feel comfortable in a

new environment. Please follow these guidelines.


 Bottles: If you have an infant or toddler, please bring an appropriate number of premixed bottles of formula or

milk for each feeding, unless you are using Starz’ Academy Provided Formula. You must also provide an

unopened, ready to feed can of formula for emergency use only. Label all bottles and containers with your

child’s full name, the date and time prepared, type of formula or breast milk, and the initials of whom it was

prepared by. Please be prepared to share information about your child’s feeding schedule, including amounts,

temperature, and times for feeding.

 Clothing: Children should wear play clothes, as they may be involved in projects that use paint, water, and other

materials. We ask that a change of weather appropriate, (labeled) clothing be supplied for your child and kept in

their cubby.

 Naptime Items: Children are welcome to bring a blanket, a small pillow, pacifier, or special toy that they use

for comfort during rest time.

 Diapers/Wipes: Please bring an unopened package of disposable diapers and wipes, enough to last at least for

the day, and check with center staff concerning the use of cloth diapers.

 Toys: The center has a wide variety of toys in each classroom; toys from home often cause conflict, and the

center cannot be responsible for their safekeeping. Please keep in mind that centers do not allow toys that may be

dangerous or encourage fighting, such as weapons and action figures. Please check with staff concerning

guidelines for bringing electronic equipment such as games, music players, and cell phones.




Starz’ Academy is an academically-focused preschool, offering programs for children ranging in age from 6 weeks to 12

years. Our balanced curriculum offers a diverse learning environment that simultaneously stimulates your child’s

physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth. Our staff uses an individualized approach to provide each child with

a strong foundation.


 Show & Share: Each week there is 1 day that your child is allowed to bring something special from home to

share with their class. Your child’s item may follow the weekly theme; however please bring non-violent toys

and only on your special day. Please label all items. Starz’ Academy is not responsible for damaged, lost or

stolen items.

 Movie Day: Each week children ages 3 through Pre-K are allowed one day to watch a movie that is “G” rated

for up to 1 hour. Kindergarten and Summer Camp kids will be given a list of “PG” rated movies; please return

with parent permission/specifications.

 Pencil Box: In an effort to prepare your child for Kindergarten and to teach self-help and responsibility, each

child in our Pre-School Program must have their own pencil box containing the following items: markers,

crayons, glue and scissors. Please label all items.




Every month each family receives an emailed newsletter notifying the families of various upcoming events, special days,

activities, and topics of interest.

A Daily Schedule is posted on the Parent Bulletin Board in each classroom. This is to give parents an idea of your

child’s daily routine. For Young Preschool and under, a Daily Report is placed in your child’s file. A Weekly Report

will be provided for those in our Upper Preschool program. These forms include: favorite activities, feeding habits,

behavior patterns, nap schedule, items needed and class teachers.

In order to assure your child a quality education, a weekly lesson plan will be posted in each classroom. The curriculum

is theme-based with developmentally appropriate activities to enrich your child’s learning experience. To track your

child’s educational progress, we utilize multiple tools. Monthly assessment pages will supplement a progress report done

twice yearly.

All accidents and incidents will be documented regarding your child. You will receive a report stating the incident and

the treatment that was given. You may receive a courtesy call from the office staff if needed.




Nutritious and State approved meals will be served daily as well as morning and afternoon snacks. A 5-week menu is

posted in each class.

Health Department Regulations state that we are NOT allowed to accept food items that are not provided by Starz’

Academy. State law mandates that any food served to your child that is not included in our approved menu, must be

accompanied by a doctor’s note.


*Your child may bring a treat to share with the entire class on his/her birthday. During classroom parties, birthday

parties, and special events your child may bring or donate a store bought item with the ingredient label attached.

Children 2 and under may not have chocolate items and we are also a peanut free facility.




Starz’ Academy will try to be as flexible as possible for those families that are scheduled for fewer than 5 full-time days.

If you find that you need to add a day to your schedule, we ask that you fill out a Flex-Day Form, which will allow an

extra day, if enrollment permits. You will be billed separately for these days. When changing from full-time to part-time

a written 2-week notice is required. If you plan to permanently add on to your schedule, please let the office know as

soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate your family needs.




It is a policy of Starz’ Academy that staff may not care for enrolled children after business hours. When staff members

become too familiar with students in an after school situation, it can affect the student-teacher relationship within the





Starz’ Academy believes that a child in an environment of love, guidance, trust, and respect will gain self-discipline and

the desire to learn and succeed in a positive way. Our teachers focus on redirecting children’s behavior and find this

approach to be very beneficial. Starz’ Academy does not use corporal punishment at any time.

Starz’ Academy strongly urges open communication between school and home in matters of student discipline. Our

policy is designed to help with the behavior; by working together we can accomplish our goal of creating an environment

where all children feel safe and secure.


It is important to have open communication in the form of a written discipline policy that is understood and agreed by the

parents. With guidance, your child is expected to:

 Control verbal and physical aggression towards others.

 Handle school property and materials with care.

 Be polite and use good manners

 Consistently follow directions.

 Respect the property and rights of other children and staff.

Toddlers will occasionally go through periods of biting behavior. This can be attributed to several normal developmental

processes. While we strive to keep all children safe and secure, toddler biting is expected. We will employ redirection,

natural and logical consequences, and isolation if necessary. For extreme situations, according to Administration,

expulsion may be necessary.


Any form of intentional physical violence or verbal aggression, whether it is initiated or it is in retaliation, is not

permitted. This includes, but is not limited to swearing, hitting, biting, spitting, choking, kicking, and pushing. In

instances where aggression is provoked, we ask the child to verbally express their displeasure, walk away from the

situation, and ask for intervention from the teacher.

Generally, a teacher will take the child aside and speak to him/her about their behavior. They may be asked to choose a

different activity for a while until material can be used with more care. Another option for children ages 3 and over may

be the ‘Thinking Chair’ where the child will take a few moments to ‘cool off’ while being separated from the group. If

the ‘Thinking Chair’ does not seem to be effective, the child may be brought to the office for further discussion about the

child’s behavior.


Repetitive negative behavior or a serious behavioral offense may be cause for a parent/teacher conference. Behavior,

which continues after these measures, is cause for concern. Serious cases of discipline problems will be documented

reported to parents and may be cause for termination of care. Starz’ Academy takes the age of the child into

consideration when dealing with discipline issues. Each situation is unique and will be handled at the discretion of the

office staff.


Attendance at Starz’ Academy is a privilege and repeated failure to follow rules and policies as established for the safety

of all our children and personnel will result in dismissal and termination of care. Also, if after a reasonable period of

time, it is found that a child is unable to adjust to the center, the center reserves the right to request withdrawal of that

child. The decision is left to the discretion of the Administrators.




State law mandates that no medications shall be given without written permission from a physician. All over-the-counter

medications, including diaper creams require a physician signature. The Director has Medication Permission Forms

available for parents to have filled out by their physician, or parents may have their physician fax permission to Starz’

Academy. Approved prescription medications may be administered by the center if they are in the original container

bearing the original pharmacy label.


*Please note: Sunscreen and Bug Repellent require written parent authorization.




Starz’ Academy shall make every effort to prevent and control the spread of communicable diseases and has established

written health policies and precautions directed to this end.


Children should not be exposed to any communicable disease within 4 weeks prior to admission. Starz’ Academy must

notify all families of any significant occurrences or problems which may affect the child, including to exposure to

communicable diseases. Starz’ Academy requires a physical examination of your child at the time of enrollment to

ensure the health of your child and that they are able to participate in the daily program. If your child is under 3 years, a

yearly exam is required by Indiana State Health Department until the age of 3.


Children who are ill must not be brought to Starz’ Academy. Keep children home with the following: Fever, Diarrhea

and/or Vomiting within the previous 24 hours. If your child is sick, please call the office by 9:00am that day.

In the event that your child becomes ill at school, we will contact a parent. If a parent cannot be reached, a responsible

member from the child’s Pick-Up List will be contacted. Your child must be picked up if he/she vomits, has diarrhea

and/or a fever of 101 degrees or more . Pick up must be within one hour of notification. If your child is sent home with

any of these reasons, they may not return until they are symptom free for 24 hours of being picked up and/or

accompanied by a doctor’s note. When any child or staff is known to have an infectious disease, they shall be excluded

from attendance for such time as prescribed by the person’s physician.


If your child is believed to have an infectious disease, they will be isolated and a parent/guardian will be contacted to

pick up. The isolation area will be sanitized as well as any area used by the ill child. A notice will be posted to notify all

parents of the children and staff that have been exposed. Children unable to participate in the full program, including

outside play, need to be kept home.


If your child was SENT HOME SICK, please refer to the attached chart...

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